KEITECH Spinnerbait Lure TEE-BONE Tandem Willow TW 3/8oz

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KEITECH Spinnerbait Lure TEE-BONE Tandem Willow TW 3/8oz

Basic performance carefully woven together. “The K-Tech Custom”.
The spinnerbait is a traditional bass lure that is said to have been around for a century.
The most notable basic feature of this lure is that it is a weedless search bait. We focused on this basic feature when developing it.
We focused on the three basic features that are important for a search bait: good flight, good movement, and good hooking, and selected the materials and design.
KEITECH confidently recommends this as a standard spinner bait.

Tee-Bone spinnerbaits Tandem Willow get their name from the special t-shaped head design and are equipped with a willow leaf-shaped and a smaller Colorado spinner blade, which makes more pressure under water.
The special head design is intended to ensure the straightest possible action underwater by lifting the rear part of the lure slightly due to the water resistance at the head.
This is supported by the weight distribution of the Lurekeeper on the hook shank. The spinner blades are shaped in such a way that they start playing immediately after being immersed in the water.
All components of the KEITECH Spinnerbait such as the special hook from DECOY, the stainless steel ball bearing swivels, the fine silicone skirt and the spinner blades are first class and make the Tee-Bone Spinnerbait a very good choice to seek active predators!

Made in Japan

Lure weight:3/8oz
Hook:DECOY 4/0


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