HALCO Allround Rattle’in Vibra Lure TREMBLER 70XS Gin Clear

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HALCO Allround Rattle’in Vibra Lure TREMBLER 70XS Gin Clear

The smallest lure of the Trembler range, the Trembler 70XS can be jigged,cast or trolled. Troll the lure at 1 – 6 knots for small predatory species, The rattles make the lure noisy and the action is tight and fast.Jig it at varying depths, but usually near the ocean or river bottom is best. Again, check your jigging action with your lure at the surface then drop it down and let it get results. Often a finer jigging action is more effective.
When jigging for big fish with this small lure, remove both the standard hooks try a single No 2 treble on the front hook anchor. It still has a great jigging action, but has the hook strength to target very big fish.

Armed with: 2 x No4 MUSTAD 3XX TREBLE HOOKS
Dive 2.5m when trolled 1-6knots
Lure Weight:16g
Lure Length:70mm/2.7in
Buoyancy:Rapid Sinking
Loud internal rattles included
Action: Tight and fast trembling wobble
Ideal for fishing in lakes, rivers, dams or shallow ocean reefs
Price point of the lure is amazing. Such a brilliantly priced affordable lure.


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