GURU N-Gauge Rig And Hook Length Line

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GURU N-Gauge Rig And Hook Length Line

Guru is a brand which is committed to the production of high quality tackle for the competitive match angler, as well as for the specialist angler who wants to target large specimen species. As such, the company is constantly looking for innovative ways to improve angling life and to ensure your bankside success. This N-Gauge is just one of the impressive products on the Guru list which looks set to revolutionise your life on the bank. Utilising high-tech Japanese technology, this Guru line has been designed in order to provide you with an accurate breaking strain and diameter reading. This is because the brand has realised that anglers on the bank were becoming routinely frustrated by inaccurate and inconsistent diameters. Not only are many line diameters unintentionally misleading but they can also lead to lost fish – a disaster scenario whether you’re in a competitive match fishing scenario or you’re bringing in a huge specimen species. In order to ensure that each diameter and breaking strain was properly rated, the brand passed their line over to none other than Steve Ringer. Steve is one of the nation’s most experienced anglers and he is famous for his exacting standards on the bank. As such, he ensured that each of the line went through an extreme field testing process. This meant that he could be assured that the diameter on the packaging was accurate. He also wanted to be completely confident that the breaking strain the line offered was unparalleled and unlike any other on the market. He believes that the Guru team has achieved this, so you can be confident that you’re able to fish to your fullest extent on the bank.-

The Guru N-Gauge comes in seven different breaking strains, including all strains between 3lbs and 7lbs, as well as additional 9lb and 12lb strains for targeting those extra hardy species. This ensures that you’re always able to choose the perfect line type for your needs, so you’re able to fish with your dream setup – rather than a compromise. This line is as effective as a hook length as it is with the nitty-gritty of rig construction, so it is a versatile outfit which can be used to excellent effect across your angling – allowing you to make the most of each and every outing on the bank. It soft and supple it will practically guarantee the perfect presentation of your terminal tackle. The line comes on spools of 100m. This ensures that the line is great value for money, too.

One of the biggest assets of the N-Gauge is its ultra-clear finish. This ensures that it is suitable for all angling scenarios, whether you’re fishing in high-stock, well maintained commercial waters or you’re angling in hard-core, specialist conditions. It also ensures that the line will vanish regardless of its surroundings. Whether you’re angling in churned and cloudy waters or you’re fishing a gin-clear pool, you can be certain that your line won’t be spooking nervous fish. If you’re someone who relishes the challenge of targeting wary fish then this really is your dream fishing line.

In short, the Guru N-Gauge is an ultra-accurate, strong, and crystal clear line like no other currently available. Designed under the watchful eye of Steve Ringer and manufactured using high-end Japanese technology, you really cannot find a better quality line on the market – especially at this unique price point. Suitable for all uses on the bank, once you’ve tried this line you’ll wonder why you ever used any other and the Guru N-Gauge will well and truly revolutionise your bankside experience.


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