GREYS Toreon Tactical Quivertip 8’1’’ 2.46m Feeder Rod

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GREYS Toreon Tactical Quivertip 8’1’’ 2.46m Feeder Rod

Quiver tip fishing rods are a major component in feeder and ledger tactics for bottom-feeding species such as carp and barbel, or otherwise when high wind or water flow conditions mean that float fishing for a range of coarse species will be difficult. The highly sensitive tips of these rods curve to give visual bite indications when your terminal tackle is weighted onto the bottom of the swim with heavy ledgers or feeders and cast out with tight lines.

Greys Toreon Tactical Quivertip Rods are the complete package for tactical rod fishing, including the main body of the rod as well as the tip itself. They have a high modulus carbon fibre blank which is constructed using Greys’s own patented Toreon carbon fibre and resin recipe. This keeps the main sections of the rod as stiff as possible so that movement and vibrations under the water are transmitted faithfully to the flexible and sensitive quiver tip and not lost by causing movement in the entire rod. The result is a slim and light rod with strength that’s expressed sensitively.

This range of two-section rods has progressive action down the entire length in all models, preventing what is often termed as ‘locking up’. This is where the entire rod stiffens when the tip is under load. These rods have benefitted from close attention to their tapers and the wall thicknesses of their sections so that tension is evenly distributed. The result is fluent bending curves and reliable responsiveness in all models.

Silicon carbide has been used in the ring guides for these rods, which is one of the strongest and most hard-wearing materials available for the job. They will take a lot of punishment from abrasive types of line such as braid but are exceedingly light at the same time. The length of the comfortable cork and rubber handle can be set according to the conditions, or just your preference, by a detachable end section to the butt which also helps keep the rod compact for storage when not in use.
Because fishing with a quiver tip encompasses a wide range of species and conditions, Greys have produces a corresponding range of lengths, line rating, and casting weights to cover many angling situations, from shy silverfish in high water or strong wind to beefy and hard-fighting carp in any conditions.
High modulus Toreon nano carbon
Strong, slim and extremely light
Responsive anti-lock actions throughout the range
Lightweight gunsmoke SIC line guides
Detachable butt grip for more compact storage
Two handle length options


Technique: Coarse
Rod Length: 8ft 1in
Number of Pieces: 2
Line Rating: 2.5-7 lb
Rod Action: Through
Rod Handle Type: Full
Rod Blank Material: Nano Carbon
Rod Handle Material: Rubber Cork
Hook Keeper: Yes
Gimbal: Yes
Guide Type: SIC
Reel Seat: Screw Lock


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