GREYS Coarse Fishing Carbon 2.2m Take-Apart Landing Net Handle 2.2 m

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GREYS Coarse Fishing Carbon 2.2m Take-Apart Landing Net Handle 2.2 m

Having a landing net that offers a decent reach on the handle is absolutely essential. No matter what style of carp fishing you’re doing, getting a fish safely into your net is the ultimate outcome. However, when you’re fishing with a zig rig, over high waters, or you’re trying to land a fish through reeds, then having a net that offers you additional reach becomes completely essential. This is where the Greys Carbon Take-Apart Landing Net Handle comes into play. Not only is this landing net handle available in a 2.2m size (slightly over 7ft in old money), which already gives an extended reach over traditional 6ft poles, but it is also available in a 3m version. This is almost 10ft, providing exceptional extension over the water and enabling you to land your capture no matter the conditions you face or the methods you use.
The Greys Carbon Take-Apart Landing Net Handle is manufactured from high modulus carbon. Modulus refers to the rigidity of the carbon, so a high modulus carbon offers exceptional rigidity, which is essential when you’re attempting to land a hefty carp over snaggy waters. It is also incredibly lightweight. This is equally important, as the last thing you want to be contending with when you’re lifting a double figure carp is additional weight from your landing net. In fact, the 2.2m landing net handle is a mere 236g and the 3m option is only 335g. This means that you never have to worry about contending with unnecessary weight when you’re landing you catch.
The Greys Carbon Take-Apart Landing Net Handle also packs down to a small size for ease of transportation and storage. Remarkably, the 3m version can be compacted to 1.1m and the 2.2m option can collapse to 1.2m. This ensures that you’ll have ample boot and barrow space for the rest of your essential carp fishing gear. It is finished in a matt black non-flash coat and has rubberised non-slip grips, too.

Rigid & lightweight high modulus carbon
Non-flash matt black finish
Rubberised non-slip grips
Easy to operate push on end caps
2.2m version packs down to 1.2m
2.2m – 236g


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