FOX Edges Rapide Refills Slow Melt Pva Bags

$ 4,63 Incl. VAT

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FOX Edges Rapide Refills Slow Melt Pva Bags

Fox Edges Rapide PVA Bag Refills Slow Melt
Great for all your summer fishing
Part of the full Slow Melt Range

Now you’ve bought your practical Fox Edges Rapide PVA Bag System, make sure nothing gets in the way of your fishing with this handy refill.

Keeping the easy angling going all season long, this refill should be top of your tackle list if you’ve decided you never want to tie another PVA bag. Designed for warm, deep water, make sure you’ve got the full Slow Melt range ready in plenty of time for your summer fishing. Whatever the season, buy it now so you don’t lose a single day of opportunity.

Slow Melt options also available for summer use or in deep water
The Slow Melt bags are increased micron meaning they are thicker and more robust
Refill bags feature actual sized 2D image on front that represents the perfect size of bag they can make


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