FISH ARROW Floating Soft Plastic Lure AIR BAG GRUB 4’6”

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FISH ARROW Floating Soft Plastic Lure AIR BAG GRUB 4’6”

Fish Arrow AirBag Grub is a classic model with a wide range of applications. In form, it does not different from most of the similar options, but surpasses many more famous competitors by its catchability. The elongated cylindrical body is covered all over with a deep ring-shaped notch.Twister tail much shorter than the base.

The ribbed structure of the Fish Arrow AirBag Grub disturbs the water, creating a good hydroacoustic effect. Due to this, the twister is noticeable for the lateral line of the predator regardless of the transparency of the water. The oscillations generated during wiring extend over a considerable distance, attracting active fish.

Reviews for the Fish Arrow AirBag Grub talk about the exceptional qualities of this “silicone” when catching shallow water areas. In its internal design, a small air pocket is hidden. It gives the model a positive buoyancy. Thus, bait can be used to study overgrown reservoirs. Equipped with offset, it perfectly passes through strong places, practically not clinging to algae and driftwood.

In jig fishing, the AirBag Grub is used in combination with a traditional lead head and with articulated mounts, which are most preferred. They have better flight data and believably simulate a small fry.

Lure length:4.6in/116mm
6 pcs in package.



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