DUO Ultra Light Fishing Jig Head Tetra Works PEAS HEAD

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DUO Ultra Light Fishing Jig Head Tetra Works PEAS HEAD

DUO Peace Head is oval-shaped jig head, wide on the front side that receives water, giving you a firm sense of resistance. The straight side is a circular shape, so it can absorb resistance from the side. The head shape has excellent straight forward opposite to the DUO Snip Head that is good for drifting, so even for those who are beginning to use the range, it is easy to use even for the first time ajing.
Standard head shape that feels straight and resistance.
Line eye: The calculated eye angle is designed to allow you to twist with a little force.
Hook point: Open gap, micro barb design to prevent missing small bites.
Head shape: The oval shape makes it hard to accept resistance from side to side, but it has a firm sense of resistance.
Completely original hook: The characteristic torso has a flashing effect, and it also serves as a worm keeper.

Made in JAPAN


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