DECOY Wacky-Neko Rigging Worm Holder TUBE WH-01

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DECOY Wacky-Neko Rigging Worm Holder TUBE WH-01

Decoy Worm Holder Tube offers improved wacky-rigging capabilities for stick baits and worms. To use the Decoy Worm Holder Tube, cut off a strip of tubing and slide it over the body of your bait until it is positioned where the hook will go. After it’s in place, run your hook through the bait so the shank is on one side of the tube and the hook point is on the other side. This rigging re-enforces the bait for better hook sets, and also makes the bait less likely to fall off the hook.

Decoy’s Worm Holder Tube Type WH-01A is a package composed of 5 different sized thermos-shrinkable tubes for the Wacky & Neko Rig. You need thermo-shrinkable tubes which do not ruin the worms they’re mounted on. You just have to cut a piece, put it inside the worm and tighten it by applying heat like a lighter. You just have to be careful when you heat it up to prevent the worm from melting.
The sizes are 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12 mm.

DECOY s concept in product development is based on a flexible perspective and sensibility without fixed notions. With the combination of the goods we produce and the perspective we hold, together with the dreams and trend if angler, we are convinced that the times will surely advance to the next generation.
DECOY shell continues to provide attractive ideas.


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