DECOY Light Game Lure Assist Hook Pluggin’ SINGLE-27

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DECOY Light Game Lure Assist Hook Pluggin’ SINGLE-27

The Decoy Pluggin’ Singles are designed to replace treble hooks on lures with singles. They have an over sized and upright eye to allow for the split ring.

Many anglers prefer only having one hook in a fish, rather than a treble to contend with. Other advantages with the singles is that they allow the lure to work more freely
Decoy single hooks… swap small trebles for these and achieve better catch rate!
Japanese made!

8 pcs per pack

DECOY s concept in product development is based on flexible perspective and sensibility without fixed notions.With the combination of the goods we produce and the perspective we hold,together with the dreams and trend if angler,we are convinced that the times will surely advance to the next generation.
DECOY shell continue to provide attractive ideas.


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