BOILIE ACADEMY Stick Mix Red 800g

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BOILIE ACADEMY Stick Mix Red 800g

The Boilie academy brand has been on the market for 10 years. The only support in the production of all products are only fresh components and a hand made approach in the production of products.
In the prevailing industrial approach to boilie production that is present today, our production method is free of all types of preservatives and gives one special product on the market.
Ideas, the latest scientific knowledge, many years of fishing experience, the quality of our team, all these are the starting points from where we create and ensure the quality and uniqueness of our product.
The complete completeness of the line with all the products is the goal that we keep completely.
The greatest feature of our existence and operation is a personalized approach to each fisherman when choosing our products. Education of everyone, especially the youngest ones, is our specificity.
As a being, the carp is capable, in addition to instincts, of developing some sometimes incomprehensible for us ability to choose the food that it wants to consume at a certain moment.
It is in that place, at that moment, that we are present and offer that bait food.


Željko Nikić-Žac

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