BKK Tournament Carp Fishing Hook CURVED SHANK

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BKK Tournament Carp Fishing Hook CURVED SHANK

The BKK CURVED SHANK is an extremely versatile hook, suitable for all kinds of carp rigs and both bottom and pop-up presentations.

Features include a forged shank, the super slick SS coating and a long, straight, Hand Ground point.

Its aggressive bend allows it to reach a remarkable hooking performance.

Hand Ground
The BKK Hand Ground technology enables the hook point to reach unprecedented levels of penetration.Trough this technology,the sides of a traditional conical hook are ground to form a triangle sword blade.This reduces piercing resistance,enchances hook penetration,wear resistance and bending resistance of the hook point.Besides,such technology leads to an overall lighter hook structure,allowing for the reinforcement of the most stressed parts of the hook through the application of some aditional material.

The coating enchanses the penetration ability of the hook by its extremely low friction capabilities.In practical testing it can penetrate fish’s mouth with a little bit of power,however due its low coefficient of friction,the adherence of the bait on the hook is not optimal,although Super-Slide is somewhat corrosion resistant,it is best used on single hooks and trebles for freshwater aplication

BKK Hooks are produced from imported high carbon steel BKK-81WV to achieve a high level of stength and elasticity.Chemically sharpened to obzain sticky sharp points and electroplated with imported alloys,this represents the highest standard that only BKK achieve.

BKK has been manufacturing
cutting-edge fishing hooks since 1856.
Better, stronger, sharper.

10pcs in package


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