BKK Super Sharp Needle Point 4X Treble Lure Hook VIPER-41

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BKK Super Sharp Needle Point 4X Treble Lure Hook VIPER-41

The BKK Viper-41 is a 4X treble hook specifically designed to whithstand the pull of the strongest predators in both fresh and saltwater.The extra-long,super sharp needle point optimizes both penetration and holding power.This serries comes in wide size range including odd sizes to perfectly balance every type of lures,thereby improving their swimming action.

Forged Shank (the robustness of the hook is increased by up to 20%)
Aggressive bend (significanty increases the holding power once the fish is hooked)
Needle Point (long and straight needle point for increased penetration performance and heightened hook up rate.
Precision welding (short welded section to avoid sharp edges,increase elasticity and reduce the overall weight of the treble hook.
Bright Tin
Hyper Latch

BKK Hooks are produced from imported high carbon steel BKK-81WV to achieve a high level of stength and elasticity.Chemically sharpened to obzain sticky sharp points and electroplated with imported alloys,this represents the highest standard that only BKK achieve.
Fabricated in China with material from Japan

BKK has been manufacturing
cutting-edge fishing hooks since 1856.
Better, stronger, sharper.


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