BKK Stainless Steel Shaft Teaser Willow Blade WS1

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BKK Stainless Steel Shaft Teaser Willow Blade WS1

The BKK Teaser Blade WS1 is designed to boost your weedless presentation using the Titan Diver and the Titan Diver+. We chose a slimmer profile compared to most of the blades on the market to minimize the chance of snages, at the same time maintaining a smooth spinning action. Enticing flashes are boosted by the hammered finish of the blade’s surface. The connection system lastly is super easy, allowing for a quick and easy replacement.

The Teaser Blade has been developed to add extra attractiveness to your lures.It can be used to boost presentation on your jigheads,worm hooks and the like.It just requires an eyelet to be attached to.Avalible in five different sizes,it can suit the full spectrum of lure sizes.

SS Blade (2.5cm/1in) Shaft (1.7cm/0.7in)
S Blade (3cm/1.2in) Shaft (1.7cm/0.7in)
M Blade (3.5cm/1.4in) Shaft (2.5cm/1in)
L Blade (4cm/1.6in) Shaft (3.5cm/1.4in)
XL blade (4.5cm/1.8in) Shaft (3.5cm/1.4in)

2pcs in package


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