BKK Hand Ground Ultimate Bait Fishing Hook BEASTLY CAT

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BKK Hand Ground Ultimate Bait Fishing Hook BEASTLY CAT

The BKK Beastly Cat has been designed with a thick wire to target record fish reducing the chance of bending the hook or cutting the fish’s skin during a prolonged fight. A welded eye further increases strength and eliminates the
risk of damaging the line.The hook also features BKK signature Hand Ground point and Super Slide coating to reduce weight and optimize penetration.

Hand Ground
Once again break the sharpest hand ground technology, it make hook point to an unprecedented penetration performance!
Using skilled hand ground technology to make the both sides of traditional conical hook point to equivalent triangle sword blade, it will not only reduce the resistance when piercing,enhance the penetration,increase the piercing speed but also enhance the wear resistance and bending resistance of hook point greatly.The design concepts are same as slope of ship bottom, if more steeper slope, there will be more smaller resistance, which makes ship sailing in high speed.

Additionally, the Super Slide coating decreases piercing resistance, penetrating through bony jaws with just a small amount of pressure.

BKK Hooks are produced from imported high carbon steel BKK-81WV to achieve a high level of stength and elasticity.Chemically sharpened to obzain sticky sharp points and electroplated with imported alloys,this represents the highest standard that only BKK achieve.

HG Point
SS Coating
Welded Ring


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