BERKLEY Uni-Filament Fishing Line NANOFIL 125m/Low Visibility Green

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BERKLEY Uni-Filament Fishing Line NANOFIL 125m/Low Visibility Green

NanoFil Low Visibility Green
Berkley® Nanofil

Not a mono, fluoro or braid — with the evolving light lure techniques in both Fresh and Saltwater fishing casting performance becomes the most important feature on any fishingline used for this technique. NanoFil has the best casting properties of any fishing line. The Next Generation in Fishing Line! Not only our longest casting line! Its also the most Sensitive fishingline as there is zero stretch! Spinning reel anglers will experience exceptional casting distance and accuracy allowing them to cover more water and catch more fish. Made with 100% Dyneema®, the World’s Strongest Fiber, it has an incredibly high strength/diameter ratio, creating our thinnest line per kg test. Winner of 4 international awards, including 2011 Best Fishing Line Product at the Efttex and ICAST Show. You should give it another try if you are not allready a big fan like many Pro anglers all around the world. NanoFil helped many top Pro anglers to win at events using all the extra´s the line offers to the angler.

Ultimate Sensitivity
Extreme Castability
Extremely Smooth
High strength per diameter
Perfect for all open water techniques
Spool 125m
Color:Low Visibility Green



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