ASARI Smooth X-Rotation Snap Swivel SS BLACK CRANE II

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ASARI Smooth X-Rotation Snap Swivel SS BLACK CRANE II

Heawy duty and high quality crane stainless steel swivel in black finish with safety snap.
ASARI Smooth X- Rotation swivels offers anglers the ultimate in smooth rotation and exceptional durability.Avalible in black or nickel,these sought after swivels come in variety of styles to fill the needs of any fisherman.Lubricate and keep clean for long life.

Size 4/0 content 2pcs strength 600lb/273kg
Size 2/0 content 2pcs strength 450lb/205kg
Size 1 content 3 pcs strength 320lb/146kg
Size 2 content 3 pcs strength 270lb/123kg
Size 3 content 3 pcs strength 170lb/77kg
Size 4 content 5 pcs strength 170lb/78kg
Size 5 content 5 pcs strength 120lb/55kg
Size 6 content 5 pcs strength 70lb/32kg
Size 8 content 5 pcs strength 40lb/19kg

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