PROLOGIC C3 Fulcrum Fs Carp Fishing Rod 12ft

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PROLOGIC C3 Fulcrum Fs Carp Fishing Rod 12ft

The long awaited C3 Fulcrum has finally arrived. This is the result of a passionate design process, with more than 3 years in development and sharing the same pedigree as our highly desirable Inspire rod range. The complex process of accurately wrapping multi layers of high modulus carbon fiber has allowed us to create sleek and stunning rods finished with 3K carbon that really do perform as good as they look. ‘Cross-over’ carbon technology has generated an ultra slim profile. This has been designed to provide an incredible recovery rate, due to retained rigidity. Enabling for more accurate casting and allowing the angler to achieve greater distances with less effort. The finely tuned construction process results from a very high manufacturing standard. This provides greater wall strength, a lightness which is perfectly balanced against power and long-lasting durability. The full range is dressed in the Gunsmoke 50/40 -16mm PKW anti-frap guides which greatly improve casting efficiency and helps preventing lock ups and ring jamming on weedy waters. Response is everything and we have utilised the stylish HD-Inspire black anodised reel seats to enable the perfect transmission of sensations from the rod tip through to the user. Super slim, hard wearing Japanese shrink wrap provides optimum grip and the laser etched metallic butt cap combines with very understated black cosmetics providing a look and style you would expect to find on premium priced custom-built equivalents. Within the C3 Fulcrum range we have also implemented 2 different playing/casting actions AR – “All Round” players action and XD – “extra distance” a fast-progressive action focused on casting bigger distances. We have also updated our very popular “Fast Water rods” by integrating these new advanced materials, new construction techniques and beautiful aesthetics to create what we believe is the best ever Fast Water range of rods to date!
• 3K Multi-layer high modulus carbon
• Cross-Over Carbon Technology
• Ultra Slim responsive blanks
• PKW-50mm Butt guides
• 16mm Anti-frap tip guide
• Machine-cut Inspire Black anodized reel seat
• Full shrink wrap handles (Abbreviated on Fast Water & Spod)
• Understated Cosmetics



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